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Syringes Without Needle - Individually Blister Packed, Luer Lock and Slip Tip
  • Type: Syringe
  • Weight: 5.0 kg
  • Manufacturer: Terumo


QUALITY CONSTRICTION: These Terumo Oral Dispenser Tuberculin Syringes are FDA-approved for safe use, expertly made from latex-free, medical-grade plastic for durability and to eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction. TERUMO Syringes have clear, bold scale markings which assure dosage control and accuracy. The package is tampered evident, for greater protection of the sterile contents. Made in Japan.

ORAL DISPENSER: Small in size, this syringe is ideal for administering medication to infants, toddlers, and small pets. It sends the medicine to the side of the cheek, bypassing the taste buds to reduce the chances of spit-ups and ensuring an accurate dosage.

CHOICE OF SIZE: To accommodate your needs, the oral syringes are available in 1-, 3-, 5-,10-,20-,30-,60-ml capacities. Each syringe is calibrated in both teaspoons and milliliters for precise measuring and delivering accurate doses of medicine.

USES: Ideal for doctors, pediatric clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, health fairs, and home use, each box contains multiple syringes to provide you with a sufficient supply. Each sterile syringe is individually sealed and designed for one-time use only. It can also be used for projects that require small measurements or precise applications.



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