Alcohol Prep Pads - Medium 2-Ply Cotton 70% Isopropyl Swabs


Alcohol Prep Pads - 70% Isopropyl Swabs Specifications:

✅ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL PREP PADS THAT DON’T DRY – Each alcohol pad is individually wrapped and sealed in an air tight poly-lined pouch that locks and keeps in moisture.

✅ COMPACT AND CONVENIENT - These REDMed alcohol pads are 2-ply, which makes them handy and better than any other alcohol swabs. Our disinfecting pads are conveniently packed and can be used in hospitals and medical facilities or make an essential addition to any household’s first aid kit.  Ideal for use as a general first-aid solution, and for preparation of skin, also for cleaning up diabetic lancets, taking blood sugar home tests etc.

✅ KILLS 99,9% OF THE GERMS – Our disinfecting alcohol wipes are saturated with at least 70% Isopropyl alcohol. This makes them safe, sterile and perfect for disinfecting and sanitizing wounds and small areas of your skin, cleaning your keyboard, phone, and other electronic devices.

✅ HIGH QUALITY ANTICEPTIC WIPES – Good soft absorbents with guaranteed high quality, trusted by the most healthcare doctors and professionals, these antibacterial wipes are latex-free and residue free made from gentle non-woven cotton.


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