White Nitrile Gloves 200 Pack XS

RED Medical Supplies

Every medical professional need to feel safe while doing his job, and that’s why we have designed our disposable medical gloves that will give extraordinary tactile sensitivity, uncompromising protection for every physician, doctor or any other medical person. Made from very durable and tear-resistant 100% synthetic nitrile polymer which provides maximum durability and better elasticity than vinyl, and makes it good to be used with sharp objects and instruments. Most common they are used for medical examinations and procedures, in chemical and biochemical laboratories and in every place where you need procedures to prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients. Besides medical uses, theses disposable gloves can be also used as work gloves, kitchen gloves, mechanical gloves or cleaning supplies in your own home. 


• Made from very durable and tear-resistant 100% synthetic nitrile polymer 

• Powder-free and Latex-free

• Fully micro-textured with enhanced finger texturing

• Provides better elasticity than vinyl

• The perfect balance of protection, feel and comfort and reducing the risk of contamination, especially the ones with latex allergies.


• Color: White

• Size: Small

• Material: Nitrile 

• Meets and exceeds ASTM and Health Canada standards

• Condition: 100% Brand New

Package Included:

2 x Box of 100pcs Disposable Gloves


1. Please allow a 1~2inch error due to manual measurement.

Type: Gloves

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