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Red Medical Supplies Press Release: Possible Contamination Leads to Product Recall EcoMed Pharmaceuticals has recently discovered and is responsible for possible bacterial contamination in certain lots of their ultrasound gel. In... Aug 09, 21 Different Types of Face Masks: What Is the Best for You Face masks may be an easy and effective way to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. New coronavirus spreads via... Jun 16, 20 Can Hand Sanitizer Protect You From Coronavirus? As cases of the new coronavirus continue to spread around the world, many of us are searching for things we... Jun 15, 20 Advanced melanoma: Groundbreaking trials Results from two international clinical trials could transform the treatment of advanced melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer type. But at... Sep 13, 17 Best Practices for Hand-Washing Items Q: Currently our process for hand-washed items is that once they are placed in the window one of my staff... Oct 23, 16 Disposable Products Prevent Infection Disposable products can facilitate and enhance infection prevention and control efforts in the healthcare setting and reduce the opportunity for... Oct 11, 16 Reusables, Disposables Preventing Contamination Healthcare institutions face the question of whether to use disposable or reusable medical devices. Although in certain situations one category... Oct 08, 16 The History of Disposable Gloves Disposable gloves had bright beginnings and were developed to address a longstanding need for cleaner practices and barrier protection. By... Oct 04, 16 Gown Effects on Contamination When it comes to surgical attire, paper gowns allow significantly less bacterial contamination than cloth gowns, according to research published... Jun 15, 16