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Disruptions in Supply Chain:

As a supplier of essential medical products such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Red Medical Supplies is faced with a rapid increase in the demand for medical products that is incurring an excessive burden on our supply chain mechanism. Being shorthanded and under the process of evolving our business practices to meet the modern challenges, our workforce is performing its level best to fulfill our noble duty of furthering our mission to provide the required medical equipment to the market as per the demand.
We understand the significance of the role we play for the medical community as well as the general consumers; hence we are constantly trying to overcome the shortage of raw material by employing innovative practices and ensure the circulation of all the essential PPEs that are deemed compulsory in our currently COVID ridden world.

Protecting Our Staff:

Our staff is the soul of our operations, and we are forever in the debt of all the front-line medical workers, as well as secondary essential workers that have made the world go round despite it coming to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19.
We are pleased to announce that our entire workforce is properly equipped with all the necessary safety measures to ensure they well-protected. SOPs are strictly being followed because of which, none of our currently deployed members has contracted the virus, and we hope to keep it that way.

Just Distribution of Goods:

It is with pride that we state our technically astute approach for managing orders that has prevented overbuying and ensure just distribution of medical supplies that are sent where they are essentially needed while also maintaining a fair disposition in retail and other sectors. This prevents unfair bulk order purchasing thus preventing early depletion of inventories that can cause significant trouble in the long run.

Our Partnerships:

To ensure we are always able to answer a call for help, we have expanded our ties with manufacturers worldwide to ensure we have ample medical supplies in our inventory to keep a constant flow towards the market. In retrospect, it is the collective effort of the global medical and manufacturing community that has rigorously faced the challenge of COVID-19 and risen to meet the challenges.

Together, We Can!

Despite the odds, it is only together we can restore the world back to how it used to be; you, us, and everyone else, with unbiased collaboration for the betterment of humanity and by demonstrating agility to mold ourselves as per the challenge, Red Medical Supplies stands by with the medical workers and general public.