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RED Medical Supplies is a medical supply company that has made a name for itself in the healthcare industry by offering a variety of top-quality wholesale medical supplies. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we also have locations and stores in Russia and Spain as well as a full online inventory of our supplies for purchase.

RED Medical Supplies serves hospitals, researchers and clinical laboratories. Our team of employees is filled with people who are dedicated to their work and enjoy providing exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on providing quality products at competitive prices directly to our clients. We strive to understand and meet our client’s needs and expectations with our flexible service.

RED Med Supplies is committed to sell a broad range of medical supplies designed by talented experts, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, alcohol pads, eyewear, and healthcare disposables. We back our superior supplies with outstanding customer service, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. We are fully aware that medical professionals carefully assess the quality of surgical supplies, exam room supplies, medical equipment, and diagnostic technologies. In our on-line store all products meet the Canadian standards for medical care. Our products have undergone meticulous observation, and we only do business with world class manufacturers to ensure you will the best supplies available in today’s market.


We succeed when our customers succeed. We put their interests first in everything we do. We not only give them responsive, timely service, we also help to make them more efficient. Most importantly, we measure our success by our ability to partner with respected medical professionals. Our purpose is to deliver value to healthcare providers and their patients while embracing our social responsibilities.


RED Medical Supplies is based on our set of 5 Core Values. This is how our employees approach their work, and how we approach each interaction with our customers.

We create a comfortable work environment that allows our people to grow and show what they are really capable of.

We will always try our best to meet our customers needs and exceed their expectations.

We offer safe and quick delivery within 24 hours after receiving the order.

All of our products meet the highest standards of quality to ensure the safety of patients and medical professionals.

We strive to bring new and innovative ideas to our company and the health care community.


One of our company goals is to promote greater environmental awareness and protection; we practice this in our shops by improving our operational efficiency and reducing the amount raw materials needed in manufacturing products. With these measures, we contribute to the sustainable development of the company. Increasing efficiency also means limiting the influence of our company’s activity on the environment. As a result, reducing emissions and waste has been an integral element of our environmental management for many years. Unnecessary medical waste is a major environmental issue, so at RED Medical Supplies we do our best to promote environmental sustainability, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and using energy efficient practices in our operations.
Sustainability means meeting today’s needs without jeopardizing the ability to meet the needs of future generations. At RED Medical Supplies, we want to combine environmental awareness with an ability to equip the healthcare workers of today and tomorrow.